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This band is unique in terms of the longevity of its lineup of musicians. Frank Trimble (guitar & vocals) and his sister Gina Frasca (keyboards & vocals) began performing at public and private events before Frank had a driver’s license, relying on dad to drive them to gigs (!) and mom to put up with rehearsals either in the garage or living room, depending on the weather.  “We couldn’t argue like normal teenagers, because we knew we had to get along to rehearse and perform,” Frank laughs.  “Playing together for almost 40 years has given us a unique bond.”

Frank and Dan DuPree (trumpet, vocals, percussion) met in Jazz Band in junior high, where Dan was first chair trumpet.  Dan was the bandleader of his own group for many years before joining Fantasia in 1997.  “Dan is not only a talented musician and vocalist, but he is also a great influence on the band because he always sees the positive side of things,” says Frank.

Joe Bonadonna (bass & vocals) joined the band in 1987.  Joe has studied and performed on multiple instruments, including piano and trumpet.  But his love for the bass was inspired when he was able to see Elvis Presley live in concert and experience the way Elvis’ bass player shaped his music.  Frank: “Joe enjoys entertaining people probably more than anyone in the band.  He has done solo piano gigs at restaurants and has even worked his singing, acting and comedy skills on local stages for many years.”

Dave Millman (sax, flute, percussion) also joined the band in 1987 when the band decided to add a sax player to expand its sound and repertoire. “Dave is technically the most skilled player in the band,” says Frank. “He has done other work in local jazz groups that is on a whole different level. I have very much enjoyed listening to him live at clubs and on recordings over the years.”

Tom Kwiatkowski (acoustic & electronic drums) joined the band in 2002.  Like Frank and Gina, Tom started playing gigs in high school, working in several successful groups playing festivals and private events. Frank: “Tom fits into the band perfectly, because he is diligent about honoring the style of the original recordings and listening to what the rest of us are playing so that we sound good as a group.”

FANTASIA  Six musicians that excel at capturing the sound and feel of an exceptionally broad range of music.  The band has enjoyed working together for decades because every member is dedicated to providing great live music.

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